February 6th, 2016 Meeting

Our February meeting will be held at a members house. Non-members are welcome but will need to e-mail rehabbrewclub@gmail.com for location.



ReHAB November 2015 Meeting: Battlefield Brew Works

Brewers:A reminder, our November meeting will be at Battlefield Brew Works starting at 3pm on 14 November 2015. Details below.

248 Hunterstown Rd, Gettysburg, PA 17325

(724) 953-1112

Homebrew is allowed, outside food is not.

ReHAB Meeting – October 2015

The October meeting will be at a members residence starting at 2pm on 3 October 2015 with an ending time of ???. Please contact our club email address for more information. Cheers! 
Members, check our Facebook page for more information.

August 2015 Meeting – Club Party

The next event will be the ReHAB club party at a private residence in Carlisle on 1 August 2015 from 3-5pm. Details for the event have been pushed out over the club member email distribution list. This event is open to all current and prospective members. If you are not a current member on the distribution list, please email Karl for more information. Please fill out the survey in the email so we can get an accurate head count. Cheers!

ReHAB July 2015 Meeting

The July meeting will be held at the private residence of Jeremy Hanawalt for a club party on 11 July 2015. Details on the meeting have been sent through the club email distribution list. Non-members can email us at rehabbrewclub@gmail.com for more information.

ReHAB June 2015 Meeting Information

The June 6th meeting will be at Corey and Tara’s house from 3:00 till whenever. This will be picnic style so email the group what food item you will be bringing so we don’t have a bunch of duplicates. E-mail brewnut@comcast.net if you need directions.

Gluten Free Homebrewing

ReHAB Brewers: in case you are interested.

Gluten Free Home Brewing is proud to support home brewing competitions and encourage those who brew gluten free beer to participate. If your organization does not at this time offer a gluten free category, we ask that you consider extending your competition to include one.

The GlutenFreeHomeBrewing.org website offers the gluten free home brewer recipes, tutorials, brewing supplies and other resources. Gluten Free Home Brewing currently has 18 varieties of malted gluten free grains. We are extending an offer exclusively to participants of your home brewing competition.


Gluten Free Home Brewing will also donate a $20 Gift Certificate to the 1st place
gluten free entry, and a $10 Gift Certificate to the 2nd Place gluten free entry.

Meeting 7 February 2015 – Mudhook Brewing Company in York – 3-5pm

Brewers: The nice folks at Mudhook Brewing Company in York have graciously allowed us to hold our meeting at their brewery. Homebrew is allowed, but please do not serve other brewery patrons. As always, please drink responsibly.

Please RSVP with Sean Carson ASAP.


ReHAB Meeting – 3 January 2015 – The Peachtree Restaurant 3-5pm

Devoted Brewers,
We have arranged the next ReHAB meeting location to be The Peachtree Restaurant in Harrisburg. With a chalkboard full of craft beer and beer flights at $5, we can’t go wrong. The kitchen will also be open. Feel free to stay for dinner!

Homebrew beer is allowed to be shared between ReHAB members, but please do not share with other patrons. As always, drink responsibly!

Happy Holidays to you and yours!


Club Grain Buy

A local vendor has supported a proposal for a group bulk grain buy. Base malt varieties include:

Breiss Malt
Muntons/Maris Otter
Contact Verlyn at vhays2@verizon.net for more information.