NHC 2013 Conference

ReHAB has signed up for club night at the 2013 NHC in Philly this year. Club night is Friday, June 28 from 8pm to 11:30pm. You can go to the following website for additional information about the conference: http://www.ahaconference.org/conference/conference-overview/

The following is a list of people who are going or might go to the conference along with what they might be brewing. Also listed are people who aren’t going but said they would brew a batch for us to take.

If something is incorrect or needs added or removed please e-mail me at ken@beerswap.com so I can keep the list updated. Also if you have any questions please let me know. Thanks.

Ben S. – full conference – Oaked Belgian Golden Strong
Valerie S. – might go –
Ken W. – full conference – Oaked Bourbon Brown Porter,
Sour Cherry Dubble?
Kristen R. – full conference – IPA
Chris S. – full conference – TBD
Scott & Hilarene S. – Friday and Saturday – TBD
Jason W. – just club night – Black Belgian?
Amy W. – just club night –
Jake H. – just club night – TBD
Jake’s fiancee – just club night –
Brian D. – Full conference – TBD
Susan S. – Friday, Saturday –
Mike C. – just club night – TBD
Laura C. – just club night –
Mike K. – ? – TBD
Karl L. – ? – TBD Belgian?
Corey C. – maybe – maybe
Tara C. – maybe –


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