2016 NHC in Baltimore June 9 – 11

The NHC is coming back to Baltimore, this is probably the closest it will get to Harrisburg. The club is planning on having a table at Club Night. Think of best brewfest you ever attended and times that by ten. If you are a member and want to serve your homebrew at club night we will be talking about this at the February meeting. If you can’t make the meeting please e-mail rehabbrewclub@gmail.com that you want to serve and we will put you on the e-mail list.

If you are not a member and want to serve you will have to become a member before June so you are covered under our club insurance. You will also need to be an AHA member to purchase a ticket to the NHC. If you have any questions just send an e-mail.



2 responses to “2016 NHC in Baltimore June 9 – 11

  1. Hi, Can you tell me how to join the ReHab club? Do you need to join AHA first? Thank!!! Kevin Tuel

    • You do not have to be an AHA member to join but several of our members are and our club is affiliated with the AHA but that doesn’t mean all our members have to be AHA members. We have a Facebook group called ReHAB (Regional Harrisburg Area Brewers) where we post when and where our meetings are going to be. That group gets updated more frequently than the website but we are trying to keep it updated also. To join you just need to attend a meeting to see if our club is what you are looking for. We are a very social group and often hold our meetings at different locations. We also do several brew fests each year. If you have any specific questions you can e-mail rehabbrewclub@gmail.com and someone will get back to you.

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