Can anyone help Dave out?

Hi, Kris.
As I mentioned at the homebrew meeting, would you send out a note to our homebrew club list to see if there’s anyone with experience in organizing brewfests who would be willing to work with me to help organize a Brewerfest at the Zembo Temple this year? I believe they are looking for commercial breweries and not homebrew,  but that’s something we would need to explore further.
They are proposing October 11th as the date and it would be held in the auditorium in the Zembo Shrine. Since I’ve only ever experienced a brewfest from the participant’s point of view, I need folks with experience from both the brewers as well as the organizer’s points of view. I’d love to get feedback from you and Albert in regards to one brewer’s point of view.
I know the folks at Zembo want to put together a preliminary meeting soon to begin the planning aspect.
Dave Costanza

One response to “Can anyone help Dave out?

  1. Dave, have them check out the following BJCP document which encompasses every detail for organizing a beer judging event. This may be overkill and not exactly what you are looking for but it should still be a great reference for them to know how sanctioned events are organized.

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