August meeting info at Kristin Richards House

Pursuant to the next meeting on August 3, 2013, below is my address as well as parking details.

904 Green St.
Harrisburg, PA 17102

My home is on a one-way street, sits right below Forster St., and two blocks from the Harvey Taylor Bridge.

There is free parking on the weekends/evenings, and generally, available parking along both street sides.

If Green St. parking is full, make a right onto Forster (there’s a red light at Forster) and begin looking for metered parking on Forster – which is also free on weekends/evenings. If there’s still no parking, proceed one block to 2nd St. and make a right. Go half of a block to the very next alley which is Union St. and make a right. Go to the first stop sign and immediately up ahead and to your left is a large parking lot (also free on weekends and evenings). There should be available parking. Once parked, you will be at or close to the corner of Union and Green St. Make a right on Green St. My house is four doors up on the right side of the street. The front door (red with a pinkish hue) will be open – just walk right up the stairs to the main level. Once inside, my 13 year old girl daughter named Sophie will meet/greet everyone. She does not speak but occasionally howls :).

I will be making something BBQ related and a few accompaniments.

As I tell everyone who visits/stays over night, please do not keep valuables in your vehicle (loose change, GPS, cameras, phones, lap tops, etc.) that can be seen or are out in the open. They may/will get taken.




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