The June meeting at Jason’s and Amy

The meeting at our house will start at 3pm.
At 3 we will start the taste testing for the “Barrel Brew”. We want to get all of the work out of the way so we all can get to the partying.
Just like last time – we will be tasting everyone’s beer that should be added to the barrel. If the beer gets a thumbs up from everyone it goes in but if people think there maybe a problem with a batch it may not make it in.

I will be making pulled pork and who know what else.
Please email us at to let us know if you are coming and what you will be bringing.
You may want to bring your camp chairs as I do not think I have enough seating for everyone.
Please let me know if anyone has special dietary needs (food allergies, etc)

Susan (Billye and Verlyn’s daughter) is now a Mary Kay consultant and she will also be here early in the meeting if anyone is interested in having a little Mary Kay fun. You can have fun “playing” with the produces and not buy anything if you choose, Susan is not pushy at all.

Our address is:
4605 Lewisberry Road
York, PA 17404

some GPS systems can not find us – you can use 4555 Lewisberry Road
We are exit 28 off of I83

PS: The bourbon coast $4.54 per person if you brewed for the barrel beer


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