MARCH: Don’t forget Beer Bourbon and BBQ is the 24th if you want to go. It is in Timmonium MD and tix are going FAST. Check out the website (http://www.beerandbourbon.com/maryland/directions) Don’t forget those brewing Barley Wine for the barrel brew get it done.

APRIL: Meeting on the 7th will be 3-5 at Scotzins
PA FLAVOR on the 28th (http://greenbeltevents.com/events/pa-flavor-2012-the-ultimate-beer-and-food-pairing/) Come and support local PA food and drink. MILLBOCK will be there 🙂

MAY: Meeting at Scotzins 3-5
JUNE: Meeting at Amy and Jason’s. Barley wine due. More info to come

The rest of the summer is open if anyone wants to host a meeting. Email me to let me know (krisdebock@hotmail.com).

Sam from Dillsburg Tavern will be hosting BALDERDASH again scheduled for September 8. He is excited and wants us to be a big part again. Anyone interested in serving their homebrew and/or doing a brew demo please email me (krisdebock@hotmail.com) and Sam McKinney (traditionalbldr@comcast.net).



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