Updated meeting info

Hi All June 4 is confirmed at Cassel Vineyard for 3 pm. You can bring home brew.

July at Dave and Dotties, August Mike and Laura’s, Sept Amy and Jason’s and Oct Kris and Albert. Details to follow.

Nov 5 is confirmed at ABC in Harrisburg 3 pm in the bottling room.
December 3 at Troegs 3 pm new facility 🙂

I am trying to get a tour together to the Sam Adams brewery up on 78 near Allentown area. He came back with the first Sat Aug, we can do a morning tour and then go to Mike and Laura’s for the meeting. I also asked for alternate dates and will let you know, Send me feedback on the Aug date though OK.


3 responses to “Updated meeting info

  1. First Sat in Aug is bad for Amy. Aug 20th is the best Saturday for us.

  2. July 2nd or July 9th? I’m out of town (again) for about the next 4 years, but I can make the 2nd. I haven’t seen the group for awhile, and would love to make the next event.

  3. I think that the one at Dave is on the 9th.

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