Brew Club Barrel Brew

The barrel is 53 gallons so we want at least 55 gallons. The brew will be tasted before it goes in the barrel and if there are off flavors or problems then it may not be added to the barrel.   This is to try and keep from having 53 gallons of sour beer.  The beer is to be taken to Amy and Jason’s house in York.

Not everyone could brew right away so we set the date to brew by the end of the month (April) and that the drop off will be some time in June.   The beer will be fermented for about 6 weeks and then aged in the barrel. A drop off date will be discussed at the May meeting.  There was talk about putting some of the beer in extra kegs so that we have it for the Dillsburg tavern event in September.  Jason and Verlyn said they have extra kegs that can be used for this purpose. 
People that said they would brew and the gallons they are brewing:

Meredith & Andrea (together)  5 gallons
Verlyn                             5
Corey                                    5
Ken                                       5
Dave                                     5
Jake                                      5
Albert                                   10
Alan                                     10
Jason                                   10

which gives us 60 gallons –  
Jason said that if everyones is good to be put in the barrel then he will just put in 5 of his.

There was talk about barrel surface area and beer volume and that vanilla beans would still be needed – just not as many as if you were not using a barrel.  Corey got on his phone and found Madagascar vanilla beans for a good price and is supposed to  purchasing them.  People wanted some for their own use (ie: Verlyn wanted some to put in Mead) so there should not be a problem selling them off to everyone.
The recipe will be in the recipe page located on the right of the blog.

4 responses to “Brew Club Barrel Brew

  1. Brewed a 10 gallon batch on Friday 4/22. Had a OG of 1.093 and it ended today at 1.021. Leave it in the primary a little longer and then they can go into secondary.

  2. Do we have a date for the transfer to the barrel?

  3. One has not been picked yet because we still had people who had to brew.
    I figure that with in a week we will have a date picked out.

  4. Well, things are going well with mine. I just racked it last night, and it’s at 1.028. I checked it this morning and there’s still fermentation going on, so I think it’s going to turn out well.

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