Uodated events

1. SUNDAY 3/20 4 pm if you are interested bring a bucket to ABC Camp Hill for some meade wort. A monetary donation toward the honey is asked as well. Not sure how much. Artie thinks it will be minimal, take that as you like. 🙂 PLEASE LET ME KNOW IF YOU ARE INTERESTED!!!!!! krisdebock@hotmail.com

2. April meeting will be 4/2 at Scotzins at 3 pm. Unfortunately Albert and I will not be there. If anyone else wants to do something let me know and I will post and send the info out.

3. May meeting will be 5/7 at Corey and Tara’s starting at 3 pm. It is a mexican/cinco de mayo theme so bring food/beer accordingly for some good mexican fun and yum. Email them to let them know if you will be there and what you will bring. brewnut@comcast.net


Thanks Mike for setting up a FUN meeting for March. Sam was quite interesting and has some good ideas. Please keep us posted.


Hoppy Brewing all


One response to “Uodated events

  1. The new issue of the Ale Street News just came out and has a little section about the brewclubs visit to JoyBoy’s and also a picture. It appears in the middle of the paper so I guess you can say we made the centerfold.

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