Grain buy

I have heard from a few people about doing another grain buy and I think we need to have an order in by May or we will be drop as a customer of Country Malt and not receive the their wholesale prices anymore.  I just placed a post on the club website but wanted to send out an e-mail to everyone in the club to see what the interest is.  If we don’t have enough interest I was thinking of contacting another local homebrew club to see if they want to get in on the buy.  If you could send me a list of e-mails that you have for everyone in the club that would be great.
Also I talked to Woody that writes for Ale Street News and he said if I send him our club website he can see about including it in the Ale Street News if we want.  He did tell me that for the next issue his deadline is this Monday so it’s to late for the next issue but we could possibly get into the following if we want.  Let me know what you think or if we should wait till we have something going on and invite him to a meeting and possibly get an article written about us.

Ken email at


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