Happy Holidays and Hoppy Brewing to You

Hey all

Wishing you all a wonderful Holiday Season!!!!

12/16 Verlyns beer will be released at 6 pm at ABC.  Come out to Camp Hill and support our ReHAB home brewer contest winner 🙂 (See some pictures on the right)

12/18 Scotzins Christmas party 12-3

1/8 Brew Club Meeting 3-5 Scotzins Dinner out after if anyone interested.

2/5 Brew club meeting at JoBoys in Manheim. 3-???? Great BBQ and craft brews. YES BRING BEER FOR ALL TO TRY INCLUDING THE OWNER/BREWER.

See you all there!



3 responses to “Happy Holidays and Hoppy Brewing to You

  1. Just heard that they only have one keg left at camphill. It just flew out.

  2. Going fast, just heard it about half a keg. They started here with three kegs.

  3. There has been some interest in doing another group grain buy. I was notified by Country Malt that they are no longer accepting homebrew club accounts and that you have had to order with in the last 12 months to remain a customer of there’s. I think we need to place an order by around May or so or will we no longer be able to get a discount on grain. I think we need aleast 14 to 16 bags of grain to make the minimum order. Please send me an e-mail if you are interested and an estimate on the number of bags you might want to order. If we don’t have around 14 or so bag then I might look into contacting another local homebrew club to see if they want to get in on our order. I think I still have a copy of their catalog with prices but I don’t know if they have changed since last year. If you are interested let me know and I can e-mail you a copy of it. You can e-mail me at ken@beerswap.com

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