Upcoming events :-)

Hey all it is hard to believe the end of the summer is almost here and fall is closing in.

9/11 will be the next  brew club meeting and will be an end of the summer BBQ at Corey and Tara’s. It will start at 2 till ????? They will be grilling (not sure what yet). Please email them at brewnut@comcast.net to let them know if you will be attending and what you are bringing and if you need directions.

10/2 will be the October fest at our house starting at 2 pm. We will be doing all German theme and we will provide Brats n beer. Please email me at krisdebock@hotmail.com to let me know if you will be coming and what you will be bringing.

11/6 will most likely be at Scotzins 3-5 and I am trying to get Lew Bryson with his new book.

12/4 is at 4 pm at TROEGS


2 responses to “Upcoming events :-)

  1. I will be at the octoberfest party. looking forward to it. not sure what i am bringing though.

  2. Will Lew Bryson’s new book be available for sale that day for him to sign or would it be best to buy it and bring it?


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