Hi again

Just to let you know our next meeting will be 7/10 at Scotzins 3-5. Albert and I will not be there. If anyone has other ideas please let me know and I can send it out.

Scotzins is having a 3rd of July BBQ/beer. Come down and visit, stock up on supplies and bring some brew.

I am working on the August meeting and will update you ASAP.


One response to “HELLO ReHAB BREWERS!!!!

  1. Dave Costanza

    While we enjoyed being at the Harrisburg Brewersfest, they really need to seriously consider a larger venue to hold this event. There’s way too many people packed into way too small an area.

    In addition, I’d like them to get rid of the present food vendors and actually have some there selling (as their website advertises) “cheap food”. A roast beef sandwhich for $7.50 and a large order of fries for $6.00 doesn’t match up to “cheap food” in my book. And the fries were the absolute worst I’ve ever eaten.


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