Ken’s Beerswap

For those of you that are interested it's time again for the 7th Annual Summer Beer Swap which will be
held on Friday, May 28th at my house.  You do not have to be able to
make the 28th to participate, we can make arrangements to get your case
ahead of time.

For those that don't know there is a website that I will be
posting the beers people are bring and there is also a FAQ area that answers
some questions about the swap.  In a nutshell you buy a case of beer
(bottles, no cans please (unless it's something really good), and something that has flavor and is not water
(coors lite, miller lite need I go on) and also costs more then the change
in the ashtray of your car) and is warm.  You can either show up the night
of the swap or get your case to me before hand.  Then we split up all the
beer we have that night and you will take home a case of different kinds of
beer.  If I missed someone or if you know of any friends that would be interested you can forward
this e-mail to them or just have them give you their case to bring.  

For those interested we usually order pizza and if there is enough people
that are interested in playing poker we can get a game together right
after the swap (usually holdem but I'm game for anything).  You do not have to participate in the exchange if you just
want to play poker.  Just send me an e-mail letting me know your interested
in the beer exchange and/or poker.  

Don't forget to send me the beer you are planning on getting so I can put it
on the website or if you don't know yet but you know you want to participate
please e-mail me so I can get a head count.  If you have any questions at
all please let me know.


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