Saturday May 1 Brewclub meeting

This weekend’s meeting is at Amy & Jason’s at 4605 Lewisberry Road York 17404.

Make sure to bring your camp chairs and home brew. Jason will be brewing an all grain so bring your questions.

This is what we have for food so far:

Kathy: potato salad & baked beans

Bonnie: Dessert

Kris: Tomato, Basil & Mozzarella Salad and fruit salad

Big Ben: Taco Salad

Ben: Pasta Salad

Amy & Jason: Veggie Lasagna

If you still plan on coming please email Jason at or comment and let us know that you are and what you are bringing.


4 responses to “Saturday May 1 Brewclub meeting

  1. I am bringing the pasta salad. I figured it would be a toss up between taco or pasta. Hope i didn’t get anyone confused ben smyser from carlisle

  2. I just did not want to get people confused between me and the other ben 🙂

  3. Ken will bring veggies & dip

  4. Ben & Val will bring 14 brauts and 16 rolls

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