Brewers Tartan Kilts

Hi all we want to see of we can get enough people interested in getting kilts made with a specific pattern and color. If we get enough it can be registered as a brewers tartan. I have sent out emails (photo of pattern attached to email) so please let me know ASAP. Thanks. See below for some more info.
The goal with these are for the PV (washable fabric) to make these. The fabric is teflon coated and I can vouch that it is wort resistant. USA Kilts has two types of kilt made of this type fabric; casual and semi-traditioinal. Both are custom fits to the wearer’s specific measurements (natural waist, hips and length). The Casual has velcro in the waist and uses less fabric. The semi-traditional is made just like a full formal wool kilt with buckle and more fabric. The casuals start at $120 each and the Semi-traditioinals start at $220. The prices are based on sizing. I think the sizing changes start to go up when your waist measurement hits 42. See photo attached.


One response to “Brewers Tartan Kilts

  1. If you’re interested in getting one, please contact me directly. Since this will be a special order and design that my kiltmaker has to get registered, we need at least 25 confirmed orders to even get the fabric run at the mills. Its a time consuming process for the kilt company and to do it, they need a minimum number of orders to make it worth their while. Obviously, I’m all for it and the tartan above is what Rocky designed for me when I approached him about the idea. So far, I think we’re up to 13 confirmed that want one. The colors are based on the colors of beers, grains and hops in the pattern used in the Campbell tartans. It will take several weeks once we get to the needed amount.


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