New INFO!!!!!! if anyone is interested in going. Albert and I will be.

4/10 at 2 pm Brew Club Meeting in the Abbey Bar at ABC HARRISBURG. Bring the beer you made with the wort from them for all to taste and a few bottles for Artie and his brewers to sample and judge for the winner to brew at the Camp Hill location.

5/1 will be an all grain demo at Amy and Jason’s house in York. Details will follow.

We will be setting up an extract brew day with Foggie at Scotzins, as well as rescheduling Sam Adams/Boston beer rep. As soon as those are scheduled I will post.

Keep in mind Sept will be an end of summer bash at Cory and Tara’s and October will be an Octoberfest at our house.

That is all I have for now. We will be trying to schedule more teaching days and informative meeting so if anyone has anything they would like info on or to teach about let us know 🙂

Thanks Hoppy Brewing



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