Happy New Year everyone

Thanks Craig for obtaining and sharing the Sam Adams Utopia. It was amazing!!!

2/6 Brew club will be 3 pm at Scotzins with Sam Adams rep there

Anyone interested in TAPS tickets they are on sale at the hunter mountain website, go to eski and then events and festivals. The place we stay at is the Catskill Mountain Lodge, they also have a website. We taxi to and from the event.

ABC is making an amber based wort for us and that will be available on 1/16 at the Camp Hill location (BRING A VESSEL FOR TRANSPORT) after 11 am. It will need to be boiled and you will need to add hops and yeast, it is just a base. Probably have a party at ABC in April. I will let you know.

Thats all for now folks Happy Brewing


One response to “Update

  1. Hello,
    Nice to meet you all. I’m new to ReHAB and wanted to introduce myself. Totally new to home brewing. My wife got me all the equipment for Christmas and have a batch of North Rim Wheat near the end of primary fermentation.

    Think it might be best to learn the process with extract brewing before building a mash tun. This is a lot of fun and there seems to be an ever-present paradox: Brewing is very simple and at the same time, very complex when learning the math, temperatures, balance of ingredients, etc.

    I’m also studying herbalism and making my own remedies, medicines and “brews”, so beer is just a natural extension that practice. Lots of fun!
    –Rob Garman

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