HAPPY HOLIDAYS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Hey all check out new photo’s and updates

Jan 2 Brew Club meeting at Scotzin’s 3-5 then dinner after

Second week of Jan ABC will be brewing an amber base wort for us to make a beer and then we will meet with Artie and he will choose a winner that will brew his (or her) beer at the Camp Hill location, date to be scheduled with Artie and brewer. It will be a base amber wort, no hops, minimal boil to flavor and yeast as you like.  Email me at krisdebock@hotmail.com if you will be picking up the 5 gallons or so of wort.

Albert brewed a GOLDEN TOOS at ABC Camp Hill Sat 12/19 and it should be ready in about a month so plan on coming down and having one and dinner. I will keep you updated

Feb 6 will be at Scotzin’s as well with Sam Adams rep 🙂

TAPS 2010 website is up but no tickets yet: LAST SAT OF APRIL!!!!


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